Accounting and tax services starting from investing in the U.S. with CR Accounting & Consulting

The United States is known as a global powerhouse and a major player in the economic, political, and industrial sectors. Therefore, every year thousands of investors emerge interested in establishing a business in this country in order to obtain the greatest possible benefits. Of course, this implementation is usually not straightforward because the country has its own rules, conditions, strategic areas, and citizen preferences.

The main objective of CR Accounting & Consulting is to facilitate investors in opening a company, trade, or business in the United States. They make this possible thanks to the experience of 15 years from its founder, Claudemir Ramos in business investments in the USA, and the international tax market. During this time, they have managed to stand out as major references in accounting and taxation in the American country.

What is the philosophy behind the services of CR Accounting & Consulting?

We focus on quick and proactive service with all those who wish to invest in a business in the United States.

Why is the company considered the best in the field of accounting and taxation in the USA?

CR Accounting & Consulting is the best company in the sector due to its focus on human and direct service and the creation of customized cost reduction strategies for each client’s scenario on an individual basis.

What solutions position CR Accounting & Consulting as a major player in the international tax market?

Knowledge of US legislation and international IRS treaties with various countries around the world puts CR Accounting & Consulting at the forefront of companies in the sector, helping our clients obtain the best and customized services for their business profile.

What strategies have promoted the growth and improvement of the company in recent years?

The online service offered, but never giving up the human relationship with each of our clients, allowed CR Accounting & Consulting to grow to a higher level than other companies in the sector.

Mention the most prominent investment projects in the United States that have been driven by the company.

We offer a complete solution to foreign investors who want to open a business in the USA, from the conception of the company to the delivery of tax obligations to the States and the IRS.

Define the values and principles that best describe CR Accounting & Consulting.

Business ethics is the highlight of our business and the incessant quest to deliver a perfect product to each of our customers.

How did CR Accounting & Consulting manage to expand its services to clients in South America and Europe?

We invest massively in partner media and in publicizing the benefits of investing in the largest economy in the world, the United States, to potential clients in South America and Europe.

How do they keep their employees up-to-date with the latest changes in the international tax market and the United States?

Daily reading of any and all legislative changes is mandatory at CR Accounting & Consulting, which allows us to inform our clients in real time of any changes that may affect their business, in addition to numerous courses and meetings that we participate in throughout the year with agents. IRS and other companies linked to the sector.

What measures do they take into account to ensure the training of their staff and the provision of quality services?

The first step is to enjoy serving people with excellence, our employees and partners must share the same philosophy as ours in knowing how to talk and resolve the countless issues that our customers face on a daily basis, giving a quick and assertive response in any situation.

Does CR Accounting & Consulting plan to expand to other continents of the world? How do they plan to do it?

Through our online services we already serve clients from all over the world, but our expansion plan includes opening physical offices in some countries such as Brazil, England and Japan to be closer to our audience and offer increasingly better advice.


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