Filming Hollywood in Panama

Panama has emerged as a surprising and exciting new destination for US filmmakers looking for diverse and cost-effective locations to shoot their movies in recent years. With its stunning landscapes, availability of skilled film crews, absence of labor unions, low labor and accommodation costs, and a generous 25 % rebate from the government, Panama is rapidly becoming a top choice for Hollywood and independent filmmakers alike. Let’s delve into why Panama is turning into the ultimate film location hotspot.

Diverse Locations:

One of Panama’s greatest assets as a film location is its breathtaking diversity. The country boasts a wide range of landscapes, from lush rainforests and pristine beaches to bustling cityscapes and historic towns. It’s no wonder that filmmakers find it easy to transform Panama into whatever setting their script demands.

Panama’s jungles and rainforests are reminiscent of exotic locales found in films like “Jurassic Park” or “Apocalypse Now.” Its pristine beaches, such as those in Bocas del Toro, offer the perfect backdrop for romantic scenes or high-octane action sequences. Meanwhile, Panama City’s modern skyline can stand in for any major metropolitan area, offering the flexibility needed for various storylines.

Availability of Film Crew:

Panama’s growing film industry has led to the development of a pool of talented and experienced film professionals. Directors, cinematographers, set designers, and makeup artists can be easily found in Panama, reducing the need to import expensive talent from the US. The local film industry has been on the rise, creating a network of professionals well-versed in international standards and practices.

No Unions and Low Labor Costs:

Unlike many US cities, Panama has no powerful film industry unions, which means lower labor costs and greater flexibility for filmmakers. This lack of union restrictions allows filmmakers to work on their schedules and budgets without being bogged down by complicated union negotiations. Combined with the lower overall labor costs in Panama, this creates a win-win situation for producers looking to maximize their budgets.

Affordable Hotel Accommodations:

Panama offers a range of accommodation options that cater to various budgets. From luxurious five-star hotels in Panama City to charming boutique hotels in historic towns, filmmakers can find lodging that suits their production’s needs. The affordability of hotels allows for cost-effective accommodations for cast and crew during shooting, further stretching the production budget.

Government Incentives:

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons for US filmmakers to choose Panama as their film location is the government’s attractive incentives. The Panamanian government offers a substantial 25?sh rebate on the total amount spent in the country during the production of a film. This rebate includes expenses related to location scouting, equipment rental, local crew salaries, and more. Such a generous rebate significantly lowers the overall production costs and makes Panama an even more attractive destination for filmmakers.

Use of the US Dollar:

Another convenience for US filmmakers is the use of the US dollar as Panama’s official currency. This eliminates the need for currency exchange and simplifies financial transactions, making it easier to manage expenses and budgets while shooting in Panama.

English-Speaking Population:

While Spanish is the official language of Panama, a significant portion of the population speaks English, especially in urban areas and among those working in the tourism and service industries. This linguistic flexibility can be a significant advantage when coordinating with local talent and service providers.

In conclusion, Panama’s rise as a favored film location for US movies can be attributed to its diverse and stunning locations, the availability of skilled film crews, the absence of labor unions, low labor and accommodation costs, generous government incentives, the use of the US dollar, and a population that is proficient in English. All of these factors combine to make Panama an appealing choice for filmmakers looking to create cinematic magic without breaking the bank. As more filmmakers discover the beauty and affordability of Panama, we can expect to see many more US movies gracing the silver screen with this Central American gem as their backdrop.

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