Iban Wallet’s Guide; how to spot investment 100% scams before they catch you

Investment fraud is a crime that can affect anyone, regardless of their level of knowledge in the financial market. That’s why it’s essential to take certain precautions and follow some advice to prevent falling victim to this type of scam.

Iban Wallet, a blog specialized in investments, offers important recommendations for choosing where to invest to prevent scams.

Signs to Detect Possible Investment Scams

A clear scam alert is the promise of high returns with little or no risk. It’s important to remember that, in the world of investments, return is directly related to risk. In other words, the higher the expected return, the greater the risk of losing money. Therefore, promises of high returns with no risk are a warning sign that one could be facing a scam.

Another point to consider is pressure to buy. Scammers often use high-pressure sales tactics to get people to invest quickly, without giving them time to carefully evaluate the proposal. It’s important to remember that making hasty investment decisions can lead to costly mistakes. If the investor feels pressured, it’s better to be wary and take the necessary time to analyze the situation.

Additionally, it’s important to verify if the person offering the investment is registered to sell securities. In most countries, any individual or company selling securities must be registered and authorized by the relevant financial regulator. Therefore, it’s crucial to check if the person offering the investment is properly registered and authorized to operate in the financial market.

Iban Wallet’s Tips to Prevent Scams

To prevent falling victim to an investment scam, Iban Wallet offers some preventive tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s essential to ask questions and conduct research before investing. Scammers often count on people not doing their research, so it’s important to take the necessary time to gather information and answers to questions.

Furthermore, one should be cautious of unsolicited offers and pay special attention to recommendations for foreign investments. Additionally, it’s important to protect oneself online, as social media and online marketing sites are a common source of investment scams. Similarly, it’s crucial to educate oneself about different types of scams and be alert to warning signs that may indicate a scam.

In conclusion, prevention is key to avoiding falling victim to an investment scam. By following Iban Wallet’s advice and paying attention to the warning signs mentioned above, it’s possible to significantly reduce the risk of becoming victims of this type of fraud.


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