Meeting rooms integrated with BMS and BIM

In today’s business world, efficiency and innovation are essential to stay competitive. That’s why every detail in the work environment counts, and meeting rooms are no exception.

With technology constantly evolving, companies are looking for solutions that not only facilitate collaboration, but also optimize the use of resources and improve the employee experience. In this context, Hybo emerges as an end-to-end solution, offering smart meeting rooms integrated with BMS and BIM to take corporate space management to the next level.

Smart meeting rooms: a boost to business productivity

Hybo’s smart meeting rooms represent the cutting edge in corporate space management. These spaces are not just places for collaboration, but become dynamic environments that adapt to the needs of employees and promote efficiency. Integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) enables intelligent management of lighting, climate control, access and other key aspects of the meeting environment.

In this way, Hybo’s meeting rooms create a comfortable and productive environment for meeting participants and also contribute to energy savings and reduced operating costs. It is also possible to plan the layout of the rooms to optimize and maximize the space for use.

Hybo: innovation for companies

Hybo not only has intelligent meeting rooms, it is a platform that manages workspaces for organizations. Among other services, the company also offers parking management solutions. Its innovative systems integrate the latest home automation technology, with access control, parking space management and more.

In short, Hybo is a strategic ally for companies seeking to resolve deployment and organization efficiently, quickly and securely.


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