Selecting the Ideal hair dye shade for men

Taking into account that hair dyeing for men is a challenging task, it’s crucial that interested individuals visit specialized establishments to avoid irreversible damage to their hair. In this regard, Cleverman knows perfectly how to choose the correct tone of hair dye for men.

Factors to consider before choosing the right hair dye

One of the most important factors men should consider before choosing their hair dye is related to their hair color and skin tone. Specialists recommend opting for a hair color that is opposite to the skin tone, using warm colors when the skin is cool, and cool colors when the skin is warm.

Another important aspect when choosing the hair dye color is understanding that despite the desire to try new and colorful things, it’s essential to opt for a color that will be worn for a considerable amount of time until reaching the true comfort zone. It’s recommended to start with subtle changes to avoid future problems.

Characteristics of Cleverman’s hair dye

Cleverman’s hair dye service stands out for naturally eliminating all gray hairs, reducing grayness with a salt and pepper look, or covering targeted grays in specific areas (such as sideburns).

Customers can choose between the immediate service, which covers all gray hairs in the first intervention, or the gradual service, which involves progressively covering all gray hairs (weekly interventions during the first month).

Thanks to their experience, quality materials, and effectiveness in each case, Cleverman presents itself as the ideal place to apply a natural, transparent, and resistant hair dye.


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